Why not Onion and Garlic?

Having onion and garlic in our diet is common. Why do spirituality keep us away from having this kind of food? Here is our answer with scientific and spiritual guidance so that you can yourself decide the life you wish to live.

Original Email Received

Om Shanti Sister Shivani,I too believe that onion and garlic are not food for the soul and they hinder your path of complete soul evolvement but at times things are not in my control. Sometimes I am not left with any other option rather than consuming it. But I fear that it would slow down my pace of evolvement.I am going to live in a hostel after one month and there I won’t be left with any other option apart from having food in the hostel mess. What should be done in such cases?

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear Divine Sister, 

Good morning

It is well known that We become what we eat. This only means that the vibrations we intake from our diet remains in our stomach and hence it creates same vibrations around us (also impacts our mood). This is a common fact well experienced by many.

Now – eating anything is not bad. But when one becomes spiritual aware, one chooses not to intake anything that puts a hurdle in his progress towards the spiritual journey. So as you are. Eating onion and garlic is not at all bad for health. In fact, today’s doctors promote having garlic in the diet. But we have forgotten that we are not this body and our purpose is not only to satisfy hunger and urges of our tongue. We are a soul. The purpose of this life is much higher. So with this realisation, sages in ancient times have renounced good tasty food and lived in jungle to fulfill their spiritual desire (to meet God).



As science now found out, the continuous diet of onion and garlic reduces the count of brain cells in human body, which are responsible to keep a connection between the brain and the whole body. So if you think practically, it makes one unstable and having lesser control of sense organs (as the cells are less).


If you choose not to eat something – you must have a clear knowing WHY are we doing this and not that. This applies in all things. Spiritual growth is not connected to our body. Our body is instead merely a costume or a medium for me the soul to perform the karma which I choose. I AM THE MASTER. This one should always remember.

* Conclusion *

If you find hard to apply this diet in your life, please not to force it. It is explained by God himself – that Soul gets what was given outside. Most of our life is made only of the fruits received of our past karmas. Hence what we eat does not matter a lot. However, this definitely contributes.

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